Hello, Welcome to Toast

Welcome to TOAST is a DeFi ecosystem and on-chain liquidity provider on Binance Smart Chain. The pages contain resources and guides for Toast.

The Toast DeFi Ecosystem

Toast is DeFi ecosystem and on-chain liquidity provider running on Binance Smart Chain, with features that enable you to trade, earn and build value around the smart chain ecosystem. Toast's long term vision is to expand to a poly-chain ecosystem.
Toast’s origins began out of necessity after launching an exchange on Ethereum and being impacted by the costly gas fees. Harnessing the DeFi building blocks powering many of the incredible smart chain applications, Toast sought out to create a sustainable ecosystem for people to yield farm, engage in minting and trading NFTs while positioning for cross chain liquidity with anticipated low Ethereum 2.0 fees.
While BSC might not have the level of adoption Ethereum does at current, we believe in Binance’s ability and drive to get it grow this in the coming months.
Make sure to visit ToastFinance to get your hands on some $TOASTz and start using the protocol.

Who is Toast: a global, inclusive community

Toast's intention is to bring together a community of hodlers, traders, and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world. Its objective is to create an environment that's conducive for the cumulative betterment of both the crypto markets, and the general cyberspace, all while rewarding the participants of the ecosystem.
We’re experiencing one of the most revolutionary shifts in finance — DeFi. The rapid growth and adoption further demonstrates why this innovative digital infrastructure for digital financial services & digital financial assets is incredible — most importantly this extraordinary technology does not discriminate.
Toast is building a community driven home for DeFi. Harnessing this incredible technology to build a value driven ecosystem.

Why Toast: The roadmap is clearly defined

While relatively new to the market, Toast already has a clear vision of where it is headed next:
  • Focus on growing the community and unifying the social platforms with an operations plan in place
  • Increase the platform value for users through the launch of a yield optimizer by the end of the month.
  • Ensure the protocol's good health status by pursuing TechRate & CertiK audits
  • Secure partnerships to create farms, pools and yield stacking opportunities across the smart chain ecosystem
  • Incubate the first cohort of BUIDL projects, creating new dynamics and liquidity in the ecosystem
  • Launch NFT marketplace
  • Add a lottery (for more deflationary mechanisms)
Whether you are new to the cryptoverse or seeking better ways to optimize your crypto assets and stack yields--Now is the best time to become part of Toast.

Toast is made up several platform tokens:

  • TOASTz Yield farm with TOASTz, participate in governance, mint, trade and buy NFTs on the TOAST marketplace.
  • SPACE TOAST Hyper Burn (deflationary) token with static rewards. Each time SPACE TOAST is traded, more TOASTz is burned. At its core, SPACE TOAST is a launch pad market maker for new projects. SPACE TOAST is also designed to create trading arbitrage opportunities directly with TOASTz Learn More.

Key Features

💸 Earn

You can earn $TOASTz with yield farms, earn when you stake LP tokens in Farms.
🚀 Hyper Deflation
Using the SPACETOAST token, a hyper burn (deflationary) token, every transaction adds to liquidity and purchases & burns TOASTz creating more network value.

🖼️ Marketplace (coming soon)

Create, discover and trade NFTs on TOAST!
🔹Official Website: