Solidity Engineer

General Information

    Salary range: $150k - $250k+ US Annual salary
    Position: Full-time
    Location: Remote
    Time-zone preference: Any

Your Responsibilities

    Build smart contracts in Solidity for the EVM-based BSC blockchain
    Design, scope, and estimate complex contract based on requirements given
    Plan and strategize on ways to develop features to help grow TOAST
    Collaborate with a small team to plan projects at the task level

Skills & Qualifications

    4+ years of industry experience in software engineering
    Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in CS or equivalent experience
    Deployed Solidity work in production
    Familiar with Truffle, Waffle, and Hardhat, and the pros and cons of each framework
    Understands and applies Solidity patterns to solve common problems
    Understands gas optimization the tradeoff between efficient code and readable code
    Be able to work autonomously.

How to apply:

Reach out via a community channel
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