SpaceToast Litepaper

Technical Details about SPACE TOAST

LP Acquisition, Hyper Burn and Static Rewards

SPACE TOAST works by using 10% of every transaction and distributing to drive token and network value.
✓ Pre Launch on DxSale
✓ Liquidity Pool locked for 6 months
✓ Contract ownership renounced after presale
✓ No Founder wallet

Key Features

10% of every transaction and distributing to drive token and network value.
Liquidity LP

LP Acquisition

A portion of every transaction is collected in SPACE TOAST and sold into BNB. That BNB is pooled with the remaining of SPACE TOAST and deposited back into the PancakeSwap liquidity pool. This effectively adds new liquidity to SPACE TOAST positively impacting its value.

Hyper Burn

A portion of the transaction is sent to be burned forever! This includes the 25% of the total supply which is burned on genesis at launch.


2% of every transaction collected by the SPACE TOAST contract is sold into TOASTz, and that TOASTz is then burned weekly, every Monday. This creates shared pricing incentives and value of HODLrs of both tokens across the ecosystem.

RFI-Based Static Rewards

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of SPACE TOAST grow indefinitely.


Total Supply 100,000,000
Genesis Burn 25,000,000
Pancake SWAP LP 25,000,000
Presale Allocation 40,000,000
Marketing 10,000,000

LP Acquisition

We are aware that the DeFi market has seen its many rug pulls, we’re here for the long run, let us assure you the Toast team is here for the long haul. Toast is exploring incredible ideas as we continue to position ourselves in the crypto space.
To further ensure a safe and secure protocol, liquidity will be locked after presale through DxLocker. The Toast team will also need to participate in the presale. The Toast team will not receive any pre-mined tokens or special token allocations. Our smart contract will be audited by Tech Rate in the following weeks.